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To drive sales, you need leads! If you're not generating leads, you're not generating sales, if you're not generating sales, you're company is dying a slow death, or it's dead already!

Sales are the life blood and the heart of any business. It doesn't matter what kind of business it is, products, services, or other peoples products or services.

If you aren't generating sales, you're not making money! The bottom line is.... No company can stay in business with out sales!

How Do You Develop The Sales Lead Pipeline?

The old method was to use the Yellow Pages, telemarketing, TV, radio, newspaper or magazine advertising,  or even direct mail. The only problem with these methods is they require a large budget. How then do you use these if you are a small business? Answer... you don't.

Back in the 1990's a book came out called Gorilla Marketing and then a revised edition came out a few years later. This book was about literally being "cut throat" in your marketing efforts.

Well now we are in the 21st. Century, and the playing field has completely changed, but the rules for small businesses have not. Meaning... today you still have to be cut throat! In today's environment, it has become more challenging than ever to uncover new sales leads. Leads are the foundation of your business.

What Is Advertising, Marketing, And Lead Generation?

I'm going to make this very simple and cut right to the chase! Advertising is this, in three words... Salesmanship In Print. No matter what advertising or marketing you are working on, the bottom line is, it's a Salesmen! Salesmen either generate leads, or they generate sales. Today in the 21st. Century, we have a whole new field to play on and it's called the Internet.

No matter what avenue you use, whether it be the use of websites, blogs, Pay Per Click campaigns, or Social Media, each one is a salesmen. Its purpose... to sell your prospect  a product or a service with a call to action.

A good salesman is always trying to improve himself to close more sales. If you have a poor performing website that does not convert, you have a poor performing salesman. He needs to be fired!

All the rules have changed!

Today we have Facebook, Google, Yahoo. Bing, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and so many other properties to tap into to for generating leads. In the 20th Century, when we purchased online ads, we basically paid for banner ads on a "CPM" or Cost Per Thousand "views". That worked then, but it really doesn't work on a large scale today, except for in some instances.

Qualified lead generation is important to any business's bottom line, and to do it correctly, you have to do it by todays rules, in the new arenas where the masses hang out or are searching for whatever their particular need is. If you don't already know this... THE YELLOW PAGES ARE DEAD! There is one segment left in our population that still use the yellow pages and that is the 65 1/2+ population. They grew up on the yellow pages, still use the yellow pages, and will die using the yellow pages. Most of todays youth has never even herd of the yellow pages.

Today 98% of all local products or services are searched for on Google, and the decision to make a purchase is based upon what the searcher finds while seeking what will fulfill their need.

How It Works

WebWorld2000 will tear apart and research your industry, your website, analyze the data, and then come up with a comprehensive plan of attack for generating leads for your company.

Our primary lead acquisition method is search engine marketing (search marketing) - both organic SEO and paid search (PPC), with a focus on Paid Search for immediate results to attract visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Lead Generation

We assign you a new local telephone number, that rolls over to any number you desire. When a new lead comes in, the person receiving the call will hear what is called a whisper, (ex. brought to you by WebWorld2000). Once that call comes in, it is up to you to close the sale.

Using this method, we drive traffic to a single page on the web with some sales copy, a video, and the assigned local contact number.


WebWorld2000 uses software that is a proprietary custom built system.  You will have your own back-end office to log into, you'll be able to see how many calls you get each month, and you'll see each call, the date, the time, and the length of the call. (Side Note: You can use numbers for all sorts of promotions and track each one individually to see how effective a particular promotion is doing.)

We also use additional analytical software to track clicks, IP addresses, keywords, and a variety of other data for statistical purposes and to track possible click fraud. This way we get a complete picture about what is going on with our lead generation efforts. You also will have access to these reports as well.

The Use Of Video

The most important part of our lead generation campaign, uses video! The video is set up to be the sole focus of the page we are sending traffic too! This is your/our opportunity to connect with this person landing on that page, to get them to pick up the phone and call you! When that happens, we have been successful in sending you a new lead.

Your job is to turn that new lead into a new paying customer.

The Budget And How We Get Paid

To use our "Lead Generation Service" You need a minimum monthly budget of $3,000. In some cases you will need more than that depending on the amount of competition you are going up against. The whole budget goes to "Ad Spend" on Google or other web properties. WebWorld2000 takes no part of that for our service.

Webworld2000 only gets paid if we deliver a lead to your telephone. That means all the research, planning, page development, and video editing gets done at no cost to you. That also means that we own everything that we create unless you decide that you wish to purchase it from us.

Video editing is very expensive and time consuming, so any video we create, belongs to WebWorld2000, but you may purchase the video and use it for any purpose you like once you own the video rights. On average that cost is roughly about $700.00, the cost of shooting and editing.

The cost per lead ranges $45.00 to $60.00. On average it's about $50.00. If you get no leads, we get no payment! It's that simple.

The Most Important Part Of This Plan

Getting started! You need to pick up your phone and call us NOW at: (855) 955-9551! We will give you a free 90 minute consultation. Or you may contact us via email.

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