Link Building

Link Building is the process of developing a network of text based links pointing to your website.

Google's number #1 mission is to search the internet for new links. Are you ready to jump into the Web Marketplace?

Every time Google finds a link pointing to your web site, it counts that link as one vote in your favor. The bottom line with Google is, "he with the most links... WINS".

What is link building?

Link building is the process finding other high quality web sites, that are willing to put a link to your web site from theirs.

Developing links is very time consuming. It requires serious research, patients, energy, and effort.

To effectively build a high quality network of links, each and every web site has to evaluated by a set of factors to determine if that web site will be of any value to you.

Example Criteria:

  1. How many outgoing links are on the linking page
  2. Is the link being placed on the front page
  3. What is the PageRank value on the link page
  4. Are the pages indexed in the search engines
  5. What will be the anchor text of the link
  6. Are there nofollow tags within the HTML or in the Robots.txt file?
  7. Is the site industry relevant to yours?
  8. Is the linking page industry relevant to yours?
  9. How deep down the directory structure will the link be within the site?
  10. Is the link page dynamically generated?
  11. Is the linking page embedded on a framed site?
  12. Is the link being redirected to another page before reaching your site?
  13. Is the link from a Javascript navigation?

All web sites are not the same!

After evaluating each web site by these criteria, many of the web sites you initially thought were good, will turn out to be a waste of time. The reasons for that is simple, each webmaster has a different level of experience. Many webmasters are new, some will have good quality web sites while others won't. Some are old and have been around a long time and only care about tricking the search engines. These factors help sift through the trash web sites when choosing who to receive a link from.

What about reciprocal links?

Reciprocal links do not carry the kind of weight they used to carry just two or three short years ago. Today, just trading a link with another site really will not help you if your site is old. If your site is brand new and your going after a fairly low competition keyword phrase, then you have the opportunity to get your web site found, and some pertanent keywords into the Search Engines, but... it will not necessarily boost your ranking in Google or Yahoo for that fact.

What are reciprocal links?

Reciprocal links is reciprocating one link for another. I come to you and say, if you put a link to my web site on your web site, I’ll put a link on my web site to yours. So that means you have a link pointing to me and I have a link pointing to you.

Can you help me build a Link Network?

W2K can help you develop one way, reciprocal, and paid links pointing back to your web site. Please use our "Contact Us" form to enquire about developing a linking strategy for you.

Google is now beginning to frown heavily upon the act of link buying.

Link buying is the process of purchasing links on other websites via a vendor, (a third party) or a websites private owner.

There are two reasons for purchasing links on other websites. One you are advertising and want to drive more traffic to your website, and/or two you are trying to manipulate Google or another Search Engine and increasing your page rank by purchasing links and then filling the anchor text with keywords.

Google is beginning to frown upon link buying and has even gone as far as to ask webmasters to report other webmaster for doing it. The reason being, is link buying to advertise is one thing, link buying to make your self appear in the Google results and change your page rank is different and Google doesn't like that.

Link buying is very important and very useful in the over all scheme of your marketing plan. Our stance on link buying is as follows: if your buying links on a website to increase traffic, then that’s what you need to do. Worry about Google second. If your trying to manipulate Google by buying links on another website other than what is permissable with-in their guidelines, we do not support that and will not be able to help you in that endeavor.

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