The Internet is quickly dividing businesses both large and small into two categories... Those that are gaining the winning edge over their competition, and those who are being left behind.


Is the Internet the right place for you and your business? Are you ready to jump into the Web Marketplace?

You want to make the jump to the web, but you aren't exactly sure how to go about doing that. What's your next move? Webworld2000 will give you a free Internet Business Consultation. Just pick up the phone and call us, or use the "contact form" on the Contact Us page and send us an email, and we will contact you as soon as we are able to do so. Read More more our e-Commerce solutions.


How W2K Can Help You Market Your On-Line Business

  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC) - W2K has been managing Pay Per Click campaigns for over eight years. We can deliver superior ROI using Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other smaller PPC engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Our experienced SEO analysts provide clients with efficient, high ROI producing organic search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Paid Inclusion - We help businesses extend their Internet marketing reach at a low and controllable cost through paid inclusion marketing.
  • Content Advertising - Our Interactivemarketing experts continuously maximize content advertising opportunities and refine placement strategies to give our clients new leads, eCommerce sales, and millions of impressions.
  • Social Media Marketing - Webworld2000's social media marketing campaigns will help your business control, protect, and grow your brand.
  • Website Design & Development - W2K designers will create custom websites and landing pages that blend visual appeal with usability for the end goal of sales/conversions.
  • Video Marketing - We develop compelling, rich media content to effectively communicate your value proposition and convert visitors into customers.
  • Affiliate Marketing - The Internet marketing team has broad experience managing affiliate programs in various industries, including Commission Junction's affiliate marketing programs.

What you’ve heard about the "INTERNET" shouldn't be taken lightly! The Web has exploded into being a Marketing Powerhouse.

Social Media is revolutionizing the way businesses market themselves. The Social Networking total audience grew 64 million (12%) during the first half of 2008. (That’s over twice as fast as the total internet audience.) Read More

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Search Engine Marketing

JM-Internet-Marketing Google is the #1 Search Engine sending 73% of all Internet traffic.
JM-Internet-Marketing Search Marketing is here to stay. Harness the power of these Search Engines.
Whether free or paid traffic, Search can make an incredible impact on your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Traffic

JM-Internet-Marketing(SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" search results.*



Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Paid Search Program

JM-Internet-MarketingReach Your Targeted Audience using Pay Per Click advertising. The most cost-effective way to convert visitors into customers.


Advanced e-Commerce Solutions

Magento Commerce

Increase conversions & profit with the #1 eCommerce platform, Magento. The robust eCommerce solution.



Social Media & Buzz Marketing


JM-Internet-MarketingSocial Media is no longer about staying in touch with friends. Today Social Media campaigns have become marketing blockbusters.